Hot Shot Assassin

Game instructions for Hot Shot Assassin: Hot Shot Assassin is coming! Help her complete the secret missions! Move your mouse to zoom in and left click to fire. Your score depends on your time and accuracy. Finish the mission in time limit. In the dark environment your job may be difficult, but it does not […]

Shotgun vs Zombies

Game instructions for Shotgun vs Zombies: The objective is to maximize the shotgun to kill the zombies. Move your hero with the left and right arrows and jump with the up key. Or you can use the keys WAD alternatively. Press the key Z or K to launch melee attack. The key X or L […]

Zombies VS Penguins

Game instructions for Zombies VS Penguins: In the free shooting game Zombies VS Penguins, you are expected to kill all the zombies in each level. Move the mouse to target and click at the left mouse button to shoot. Head shot will bring you bonus points. Shoot the Sushi on the screen to earn more […]

Stealth Bound

Game instructions for Stealth Bound: Help the hero reach the exit! Use arrow keys to move and jump, and use Z or L to carry things or trigger events. To unlock the exit, you need to solve some puzzles. Collect stars for bonus score and pick up the green card to unlock the exit door. […]

Undead End Hardcore

Game instructions for Undead End Hardcore: In the game Undead End Hardcore, you can use the directional arrow keys to move. Press space to jump, Z and X to use a weapon. Press A to open the doors or to perform an action. Search for the doors or the red arrows on the floor. Press […]