Gangnam Dance Training

Game instructions for Gangnam Dance Training: Gangnam Style is striking the world now. Let’s shake our bodies together with Psy! Follow dance steps with the arrow and letter keys. Gangnam Dance Training is a popular skill game on Try to improve the precision by hitting the key when it comes into the required place […]

Cheating Lover

Game instructions for Cheating Lover: Ok, this is a little bit embarrassing. You must act as a cheating lover in this unique flash game presented by our unique website! What does a cheating lover fear most? Get caught by others, of course! So be extremely careful when you are cheating. (Honestly, I think the […]

Papa s Hot Doggeria

Game instructions for Papa s Hot Doggeria: Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a free skill game on First, select a character, or create one as you like. Second, after clicking Play, hit the Help button and you are provided with detailed information including Basics such as taking orders, grill station, build station, and rewards and […]

Undress a Girl

ame instructions for Undress a Girl: Undress a Girl is a skill game on in which you try to undress one girl by catching beers. You can first select your favorite girl from three candidates. Then when the game starts, numerous bottles of beers will be falling down in the screen. You must use […]