Bomb Hippos

Game instructions for Bomb Hippos: Once it starts, you will find that there are four hippos that are all very hungry. Things seem to become desperate, but then, just as they were about to throw themselves in front of a motorboat. The military contacted them. You need to compete with the other hippos to diffuse […]

Feed Us Lost Island

Game instructions for Feed Us Lost Island: Your role in the skill game Feed Us Lost Island is a fish. Your goal is to eat up all the people. Use the mouse to control the movement of the fish. Once you see a man, click at people and the fish will bite them to skeletons. […]

Airplane Road

Game instructions for Airplane Road: Hit Up to accelerate, Down to brake or reverse, Left to turn Left and Right to turn right. Press Esc or Enter to pause and return to menu. Try to chase your targets within limited laps. Pass through green circles to accelerate your airplane plane, and avoid hitting the black […]


Game instructions for Jacksmith: In the skill game Jacksmith, your wagon has four crafting stations where you can build a weapon. Each weapon has two main stats: power means the weapon’s attack strength. Durability means how long the weapon lasts before breaking. Monsters will drop loot when attacked. Move your mouse over the dropped items […]

Transformers Stronghold

Game instructions for Transformers Stronghold: Waves after waves, the Deceptions just persistently give you the toughest tests! Led by Magatron, your enemies have made their minds to crash the Autobot’s LG stronghold! They are tough, you are tougher! With the determination to protect the Autobot’s defenses, you can win the final victory! Build the towers […]