GTA Reloaded

Game instructions for GTA Reloaded: When you open the game, you will find that someone who is taking guns kill a man in a room. Then you act as a detector whose task is to find the murderer. Then you will find a man who is dressed up like the Sherlock Holmes. Yes. It is […]

Kill The Plumber

Game instructions for Kill The Plumber: In this game, you are supposed to kill the plumber as soon as possible. Move your character with the arrows. If your character touches the plumber when he is walking on the road, he will be killed. Do not let the plumber jump on you when you have no […]


Game instructions for Takeover: For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. Time for Takeover has come! Lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game. Hit the castle to choose your first guard, and drag the guard icon into the specific place to […]