Game instructions for Etherena: A fighting game in which you can choose one of the two cachacters, you can make yourself the game control configuration, and enter in the fighting arena… an endless combat is waiting for you !

Christmas Combat

Game instructions for Christmas Combat: Christmas usually for us is a peaceful holiday, everyone giving wishes to people, even those people you have never know before. But in this game, the Christmas is very different as we usually see and heard about. In this game, santa, ruoolf and snowman are fighting with each other, nobody […]

Brare Sword

Game instructions for Brare Sword: In middle ages, knights were important guys who were responsible for the King’s safety. Sometimes knights could have honored titles. Do you want to be a knight and fight against the bad guys? You can give big attack which can be blocked while you standing a little far away from […]

Cock Fighters

Game instructions for Cock Fighters: If mention the most fight-loving animal, which word will appear in your mind? Snake? Dog? Does any one think about cock? Cocks love fighting. You need a friend close by to finish the game because it is a two player game. You can make your chanticleer walk forth and back […]

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting

Game instructions for Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting: The goal is to kill all the enemies. In the one-player mode, you are supposed to move the hero with WASD keys and key J, K, L are for attack, jump and getting power respectively. In the two-player mode, the second player is supposed to use arrow keys […]