Texas Holdem Poker

Game instructions for Texas Holdem Poker: Holdem is a variation of poker in which players compose the best 5 card hand using the two downcards in their hand (hole cards) and the five shared community cards on the board. A player can use both hole cards, one, or none (Play the board) to make their […]

Sports Heads Cards Soccer Squad Swap

Game instructions for Sports Heads Cards Soccer Squad Swap: Your goal is to have a better starting 11 cards than your opponents after 18 turns. There are values on each card. If yours trumps the value of your opponent’s card, you can win both cards to your squad. If your opponent gives a card bigger […]

Aces Up Solitaire

Game instructions for Aces Up Solitaire: When the top cards of two piles have the same suit, you can click the lower ranking card to remove it. Aces are the highest ranking cards. When a pile is empty, you can remove any top card to its place. Click the bottom deck to deal new cards. […]