Eva y Adan

Game instructions for Eva y Adan: As we know, Garden of Eden is a very vast so it is difficult for Adam and Eva to find each other. As a hearted person, you decide to help Adam. When you find Eva, you can enjoy her company and get points as well. But don’t be caught […]

Bomber at War 2

Game instructions for Bomber at War 2: You can use the right key to go up and the left to go down. Then use the up key to accelerate and down key to decelerate. Shoot with the space bar and boom with the Ctrl key. What you need to do is to shoot the enemies […]

Sift Renegade 3

Game instructions for Sift Renegade 3: KIENJI was assigned to sift the betrayer now. Let’s help him to pass through these five levels to fulfill his mission. Use arrow keys to move or jump. Press C to GRAB, X to ATTACK, Down to Block, Z to use your heavy attack. Upgrade your weapons, health values […]

War Zombie Avatar

Game instructions for War Zombie Avatar: There are a large number of zombies in the game War Zombie Avatar. Use AD to move. You will see the zombies. Attack them from behind before they see you. You can jump with W to avoid zombies attacking and to knock down your opponent. Hold spacebar to pause […]