Game instructions for Grotembit: Grotembit is a free fighting game on In the game, the mission is to kill all your enemies. Move your hero with the arrows. Press the key S to attack and A to jump. If you choose two-player mode, you can use keys WASD and IKJL instead of the arrows […]

Conquer Antarctica

Game instructions for Conquer Antarctica: \The name of the game is “conquer Antarctica”. The name sounds interesting. In the game, you should command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the Antarctica ice territory. You have to eliminate all the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign. When […]

Medieval Defense

Game instructions for Medieval Defense: Your castle is under attack. And you’re the only defense in it, a mage. A mere mage against a whole horde of enemies, from soldiers to dragons, defend your castle, upgrade your weapons, get more ammo and spells, in this medieval game!

La Petanque

Game instructions for La Petanque: The Petanque is a popular sport in the south of France and in particular in Marseilles. The goal of the play is to approach more of the jack (small red ball) with the metal balls. Game with English and French instructions.


Game instructions for Girl_Dressup: Every girl has her own princess dream, but not every girl can become what she desired to. Now you have a chance to realize your unaccomplished dream. Girl Dressup is an arcade game on in which you can dress up the model as you like. There are many things you […]